My Story

Caleb Barnaby

Alchemist, Horologist, Inventor

Altered Illusions of a Mad Tinkerer

I grew up in an artistic environment where nature, exploration and creativity always took precedence over new age technology. When I was young, my mother started a gallery where she sold handmade sea glass jewelry, which showed me that an endeavor such as this could actually be a sustainable business. And, since a very young age, I’ve taken perfectly good working objects and deconstructed them to make them into abstract art pieces. Fortunately, my parents never seemed to mind. In elementary school, I found a fascination with rocks and minerals and then a desire to turn them into wearable art. And, throughout my high school years, I was very fortunate to have such passionate teachers in arts and crafts. A jewelry-making class solidified my love for cultivating magic with my hands. Since then, I’ve been broadening my techniques, most of which are self-taught, with a constant drive to evolve my creations. I was able to start my own business selling my creations in 2014, and I’ve been traveling full-time with my business since May of 2017.

Most of my designs feature antique, recycled materials such as horological instruments, spent bullet shells, pressure gauges and various other instruments (both musical and industrial). I am constantly on the hunt for objects that most would never consider and thrive off the thrill of finding pieces that have been forgotten, overlooked or unseen from a resourceful visionary. I take great pride in researching the history of my newfound treasures and deconstructing them to create something entirely new. I get much pleasure in the knowledge that I am bringing something “back to life,” so to speak.

Using recycled metals, I apply an intricate etching process to give them an ornate look. All of my etched designs are original and inspired by natural elements (trees, flowers and sacred geometry). After the etching process, I hand-cut the metals to transform them into their final composition. I also use non-traditional stonesetting techniques, where I create my own bezels by forging the metal to set the stone.            

We live in interesting times where social media seems to drive many modern businesses. The crux and drive of my own business comes from an old-fashioned one-on-one interface where I get to explain in detail how my creations came to life. I never know who is going to walk into my booth and what stories they have to tell. The people that I am able to interact with are truly the fuel to keep traveling down the road. I can’t wait to see who I meet next.

I see absolutely no end in sight for this traveling business. I’d like to continue branching out into new areas, exploring new places, sharing my techniques with all who will listen and forging my skills from the masters I meet along my travels.